Close to Taganrog on the Azov Sea coast in ancient manor a historic building known as The Laquiere Castle is destroying.

The Laquiere Castle is the building of unusual architectire for South of Russia – the domestic example of Russian Gothic. The building is a monument of history and culture, it has the regional significance.

Manor belonged to the famous noble families Komneno-Varvatsi and de Laquiere. Here Alexander de Laquiere - an important person in the history of Russia spent his last days.

Now it is in emergency state.

However, we can save it!

As the bureaucratic process of interaction with the authorities take long time- it is absolutely useless wait for a timely response on this situation from the government Instead of this together, we can quickly solve this problem making the first and most important unit of work to save the building - it is conservation.


We are addressing to the Head of the Government of the Rostov Region with an appeal to the restoration and preservation of an important object of history and culture for future generations.

Let’s all together help to save the Laquiere Castle!